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Leading world tourism destinations and their geographical characteristics need to be understood with comparative statistical data to forecast better the future of tourist flows.
Medical tourism plays a significant role in shaping the future of medical care globally, due to the growth of technology, economy, and other global relations.
In a multiracial society, female’s leisure practices are different than the general public because their choices are controlled by the structure of society within different cultures.
Despite the need for communicating effectively for the ESL students engaged in jobs related to tourism industry, they still suffer from some incompetences while communicating in these contexts
The aim of this paper is to describe the importance of application of psychological and sociologic know-how in tourism practice. Primarily, it is the understanding of clients´ motivation to visit particular destination,
n the last years the services area has known an important increase becoming one of the most important factors that contribute to the formation of the GDP many countries.
The aim of this paper is to gain more insight into the role of language in tourism promotional document by reviewing current research on tourism promotion.
This study aims to find an answer for the question that is whether architectural innovations are supplying an advantage for hotels in tourism sector.
This paper provides evidence for different factors hampering the innovative activity of micro, small and medium-sized tourist enterprises (MSMTEs)
Sport tourism is an ever increasing industry recognized as a factor influencing the economic and social restructuring of urban and rural areas in the developing countries
In order to improve Turkey’s market share in world tourism, organizations of the sector should develop means for the supplied quality and competitiveness
The awareness of the problem of mass tourism led researchers on tourism and the environment to attack past methods and policies of tourism development and to recommend their replacement with alternative forms of tourism
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