The Ninth Quarterly on Persian Gulf Cultural - Political Studies Journal was published in December 2016

 .The publication is affiliated with ISTTA (Iranian Students Travelling and Tourism Agency)

This issue by Rahim Yaghoubzadeh (Journal Managing Editor) and Mr. Saeed Pourali(Editor-in-Chief) is presented to (its) readers.

The journal consists of the following articles:

-           The Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia's comparative energy diplomacy from 2001 to 2016
-           Environmental geopolitics of Persian Gulf and its effects on national security
The History of Relations Between Iran and Saudi Arabia Ever Since
Reza Shah (The Cycle Of Competition And Confrontation)
-           The challenges of regional integration in the Persian Gulf
-           The  Role of defense and security Persian Gulf borders from the perspective of political geography
-           Level development priorities of regional development south of the Persian Gulf the commercial ports by using numerical Taxonomy
-           The Zoning of Tourism Climate Qeshm Island with Index TCI


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