The Third Quarterly on Heritage and Tourism was published in December 2016

The publication is affiliated with ISTTA (Iranian Students Travelling and Tourism Agency)

This issue by Rahim Yaghoubzadeh (Journal Managing Editor) and Mr. Syed Saeed Hashemi (Editor-in-Chief) is presented to (its) readers.
The journal consists of the following articles:

-    The pattern of tourism spending between social classes
-    Study changes in snowfall for winter tourism planning in the mountains Alvand in Hamedan
-    Study of Sport Tourism Isfahan province using SWOT-ANP model
-    Evaluate the potential of tourism entrepreneurs in society Qashqai nomads in Iran
-    Legal and jurisprudential reviews restrictions, and dispossession of the cultural heritage
-    Evaluation of potential city of Kerman tourism from the perspective of tourists and tourism experts by using SWOT
-    Strategies tourism development of in the mountainous area of Damghan (Case study: Strait Darvar)
-    The effects of local tourism in Sustainable Rural Development (Case Study:Village pharsian)


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