The Second Quarterly on Heritage and Tourism was published in September 2016

The publication is affiliated with ISTTA (Iranian Students Travelling & Tourism Agency)

This issue by Rahim Yaghoubzadeh (Journal Managing Editor) and Mr. Syed Saeed Hashemi (Editor-in-Chief) is presented to (its) readers.

The journal consists of the following articles:

-          To Present a Tourism Development Strategies Model Using New Media Based on

20 Year Vision Deed (2025)             

-          Factors Influencing the Attitudes of  Residents Towards Rural Tourism: Case Study, Ize City in Khuzestan Province

-           National Geotourism Potential in The "Qum Tapeh" Micro Desert (East Azarbaijan)

-          Factors influencing tourist’s satisfaction in Kelardasht

-          Assess Provinces in The Country Potential for Medical Tourism Using Arc GIS Software

-          Medical Tourism Capabilities in Iran and Ranking the Capabilities Using Analytical Hierarchy Process

-          The Study of Tourism Consequences in Rural Resorts And Country Sides In Golestan Province (Case Study: Mohammad Abad Region City Ali Abadkatoul)

-          Iman Chaghajerdi(Geography and Tourism Planning graduate student, Department of Geography, of Najaf Abad,   Islamic Azad University, Najaf Abad and Esfahan, Iran)


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