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After some decades of negligence about the role of culture in International relations, in recent years this issue has been a matter of importance again and international relations still is considered as the most fundamental context in consolidating the connections between people in countries and tourism is a phenomenon connected to human, motivations, needs, demands, and wills derived from the country's culture. The main motive for tourism is culture .culture can explain the essence of the goal the structure and function of tourism with its powerful influence. The tourist and the host have different cultures and social norms and they have different interactions while visiting. The social and cultural impact of them on each other has special importance. Conducting tourism programs especially the scientific ones and holding tourism events is an opportunity for cultural development.
Culture will e perished in seclusion and won't grow. Culture is a manifestation of social existence and it is related to human communication. The more human's communication develops the more is the chance for cultural creation.
Overall interactions between the tourist and the host, studying their behaviors, lead to purification of both sides cultures and knowing the methods of cultural development, and will lead to form kind of cultural coexistence and imitation .for culture not to be set aside and to move toward development and evolution has no way but to produce and reproduce the values and cultural norms and this way try to help to revive and developing the cultural norms. one way to develop curtail interactions is, improving the tourism and it has a potential with positive power helping to revive and recover all sectors of society.

The camping project and tourism weeks for students in target countries

Understating Iran and other countries won't be tangible unless considering their historical background. for instance, if substituting contemporary Europe with Greece and ancient Rome, then the interaction of Iran and Europe can be noticed. geopolitically, Iran has a unique international status of three thousand years which results in being the center of attention among great powers, therefore countries have been willing to develop relations with Iran for years to have an active role in the region, European countries, and northern America countries. Iran's relations with these countries have faced ups and downs since the Safavid dynasty there have been times having prosperous relations with European countries like Austria, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Poland …
Currently, Iran is of great importance due to its influence in the middle east region and various resources of energy and cultural background.
Another example is Economic cooperation, and other countries like Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajik are members of this organization and trying to improve the economic cultural and social developments .some of these countries are considered to be parts of ancient Iran, in previous eras, had been a critical part in important events related to Iran's history and changes and in some areas have been a turning point in some events and important Persian people.

University students can play important role in developing and broadening cultural-scientific diplomacy as the ambassadors in these countries.
By introducing and showing the culture and civilization of Iran a true image of our beloved country is represented to the academics of these countries and students and it will result in advertising Iran and increasing the foreign tourists to our country.
Performing camping programs and tourism weeks will lead to students knowing and learning the cultural concepts and creating a field of sympathy and cohesion of different cultures.
Different economic origins of countries may result in cultural differences and this may reflect in political relations among countries and disturb a society's improvement and the best way to avoid is disturbance is face to face interactions and cultural relations .holding tourism weeks lead to cultural relations, there will be a situation for students to touch the common areas and differences in person.
One of the most fundamental tourism programs of a scientific-cultural center for Iranian students is holding tourism events considering the priorities .these events are held in specific periods and according to the cultural calendar of the countries and the purpose of tourism. the main aim of holding these programs is the introduction of tourist attractions in Iran, talks between academics of countries in the first place, and in the second step attracting noble ideas of elites and scholars for sustainable development in the tourism field.

In this regard, the scientific-cultural tourism center of Iranian students of" Jahad daneshgahi" has designed plans regarding camping and students tourism weeks in target countries for the aim of historical and current events fields and sharing historical and cultural common grounds so that the participants can 1. learn the cultural heritage and technological and scientific achievements of these countries
2. introducing the tourist attractions and natural historical and touristic advantages of these countries
Necessary measures will be taken for familiarizing and also for the cultural communication of students from different countries.
The goal of these organized meetings is awareness of students in the region in regards to common cultural heritage so that we can step toward gaining related knowledge and expanding the depth of cultural relations and expertise reports being published about the camping and events held.

:The main goal


  • Tourism

•    Hoping weekly exhibitions with the presence of activists in students' tourism


•    Improvement and upgrading the cooperation, close exchange, and share among Iranian students and students of ECO countries and Europeans and other ones.
•    Familiarizing Iranian students with the common cultural heritage of students from other countries of ECO and any other countries.
•    Providing fields for interaction and intellectual and cultural seminars for Iranian and non-Iranian elites.
•    Improvement of perception and knowledge for creating a suitable field for cultural and inter-university relations.
•    Analyzing phenomenons and effective cultural ways for relations.
•    Providing a proper and real image of the existing cultural and intellectual capacities in the area of cultural relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran and other societies.

Applicable programs :
•    Applying scientific and cultural tourism for Iranian students in destined areas in target countries.
•    Holding student tourism week exhibitions that reflect the social-cultural life of Iranians and their traditions and art to introduce it to non-Iranian students.
•    Holding lateral courses of language teaching and Persian literature while holding weekly tourism and camping.
•    Adopting measures to show films, documentaries, and radio and tv programs to introducing life and traditions and social activities of Iranians.
•    Using the knowledge and experience of scholars and professors in the field of history, sociology, anthropology, archeology to introduce common cultural heritage while camping and holding the tourism weeks.
•    Plans for students to meet and learn about the cultural centers and libraries national museums and centers keeping the manuscripts and valuable artworks …
•    Applying educational programs for students of target countries in regards to the advantages of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
•    Publication of the results of holding the tourism weeks, meetings, and camps in a report.
•    Introducing the local universities and facilitating the relations among local universities with other countries with the aim of scientific-educational research and cultural development.
•    Holding any kind of academic activities such as holding events, seminars, and conferences.
•    Facilitating areas for economic and commercial contracts with an academic approach.
•    Creating a field for transferring science and technology.
•    Holding common educational courses

The executive procedure :

Six executive steps are suggested :
•    Announcing the proposed destination and visitors to the competent authorities
•    Performing the preliminary arrangements after approvals and achieving the needed certificates.
•    Announcing the invitations and registration.
•    Performing the tours to the destinations and overall visits to the sites
•    Holding tourism exhibitions in one of the target universities while traveling.
•    Documentation, accumulation, and publishing the related information to the visits and exhibitions held in different forms.

•    Necessary measures for providing travel to the ECO member countries and other countries like Germany, Austria, Canada and turkey, and Croatia .details of the program will be provided after approval.


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